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The Basic 10 - Sample Curriculum

Structural Integration Professional: Classes

Global Topics

There are some common themes that are woven into every session of the Basic 10. They will be covered in every course in a way that is specific to the goals and territory of each session. They are as follows:
-Body Reading/Holistic Pattern Recognition from an SI perspective
-Therapeutic Relationship as the Primary Driver of Patient Outcomes
-Movement Cues and Language
-The Art of Touch and Connection
-Managing the Internal State of the Practitioner
-Dr. Rolf’s Pelvic Lift
-Dr. Rolf’s Seated Backwork
-Dr. Rolf’s Tracking
-History and Lineage of Structural Integration
- Emerging Pain Science and its Implications

Freeing the Breath – Session 1

In this course, we will cover:
-The Concept of Sleeve versus Core
-The Principle of Adaptability
-Teaching the Patient to Become Aware of their Breath
-Cervical Considerations
-Primary and Secondary Respiratory Structures
-Thoracic Inlet
-The Ribcage
-Respiratory Diaphragm
-The Shoulder Girdle and Arms
-Side Lying Work around the Greater Trochanter

Finding the Feet – Session 2

In this course, we will cover:
-The Principle of Support
-Teaching the Patient to Become Aware of their Connection to the Ground
- Teaching the Patient to Feel the Connection Between Their Feet and Spine
-Cervical Considerations
-The Lower Leg Compartment
-Inter-Osseous Membrane
-The Fibula
-The Arches of the Foot
-The Proprioceptive Importance of the Ankle Joint
-Calcaneal Positioning
-Talar Glide

To find out more information about courses already scheduled, please contact the local coordinator listed on the home page. To host a class in your area, please contact us via e-mail at, or via telephone at +19042514305.

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