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Providing Orphans with Medical Care and Educational Opportunities

to improve their options in life.

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As part of Global SI™'s mission to transform communities through healing touch and heart based outreach, Global SI believes that a portion of the revenue received from its students should be repatriated back into the local community via philanthropic endeavors. Our most successful example of this to date is our ongoing partnership with the Get Education Trust (GET) in the rural village of Chengam in Tamil Nadu.  To that end:

- Global SI has made a monthly contribution of $200 to GET since June of 2018

- Global SI's founder, Derek Gill, since volunteering as GET's Director of International Fundraising, has secured private donations through an annual fundraising event and through the recruitment of private donors totaling $51,340!

- The bulk of this money was designated to fund an endowment that permanently sponsors 15 additional orphans and an additional 5 widows. As of the 2020 Annual Fundraiser, this endowment is now fully vested after 2.5 years of fundraising!

- Aside from working to fund the endowment, we have also been able to almost double the number of orphans we are serving from 20 to 39, add a thatched roof covering with fans to protect the kids from the heat while they are studying, expand the number of volumes in the library, buy 3 computers for the program (there were none before), purchase a community bicycle so the kids could learn how to ride one, and secure a lease on an adjacent building providing additional space to the now 39 children, 5 widows, and 5 elderly women currently assisted by GET.  

Needless to say this has been a very heart opening and rewarding effort in addition to the joy Global SI reaps as we introduce the tools of SI into the health care community.  If this melts your heart and are interested in contributing, please contact the school.

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